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How is your cleaning company different than the other commercial cleaning companies?

We are the difference. In particular, our Owner is the primary difference. Our company is actively managed - every day and night. Our owner makes himself available anytime - he will take care of you if for some reason we've failed to make you feel great about our service or if there is something else we can do for you. We are not a large company with supervisors supervising other supervisors ’ You will get personal attention on all of your needs.

We recruit the best possible cleaners and pay higher wages than industry counterparts. Our cleaners must have successful track records in our industry. Nearly all new hires are referred by someone on our cleaning staff. Our crews must be drug-free, have valid driver's licenses, and be able to work legally in the United States. We make all applicants provide prior business and character references. We take the time to actually call their references to insure we hire only the best people. Most importantly, our crews must be good people - remember, every customer (and I do mean every customer) remembers how you make them feel.

The Office Pros have a very basic contract that essentially is their just to list the work you would like to have completed each time. We don't believe in long-term contracts. We should earn your business every day. In turn, when we do the best job possible for our customers, they are loyal to us. Any high-quality service provider should be willing to assume the risk each and every day that one of its customers may terminate their relationship. The customer rules: he or she should be able to change service providers whenever they so desire which why all our contracts only have 30 day notice of cancellation after the 1st month.

You'll be 100% satisfied or our service is free!" Almost all companies say this; is this just a marketing slogan?

No. We will do the job right or we'll come back and address any issue you have. If you don't feel great after we've done our best to make things right ’ The Office Pros won't charge you a nickel for the work that wasn't right. You have our word on it.

How much do you charge per square foot for cleaning services?

We don't intend to be evasive, but this is difficult to answer. Many monthly office cleaning jobs run between 10 cents per square foot and 50 cents per square foot. This is quite a range. Fees are generally based on how much time it takes to do the job—there are many variables. It depends on the frequency of the cleanings, the floor coverings, the layout of the facility, etc. We won't confuse you on the numbers - and you shouldn't let any other service provider confuse you or hook you with a low bid. We will tell you what it'll take to accomplish your objectives. Pricing is what it is. It shouldn't be some heavily guarded secret. We'll share our knowledge, expertise, and opinion with you. You decide.

Do you have facility size minimums and cleaning frequency requirements?

Our work sites have ranged from about 500 square feet to 50,000 square feet over the past few years. Our typical size has likely been facilities in excess of 2,000 square feet. For satisfactory results, we strongly encourage cleaning from two to five days per week for most workplaces. We clean customer spaces from one to seven days per week.

We prefer companies that need cleaning at least once per week or more frequently.

How often do you bill?

We can bill to suit your needs- We can bill after each cleaning, monthly, or bimonthly

What forms of payments do you accept?

Most customers pay by corporate checks. We also can accept payments by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX, or

Do you clean private residences?

We are a commercial cleaning and janitorial company so currently we do not clean homes.

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